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Intestinal problems (ulcers, gastritis, acids and severity in the stomach, heartburn, pains, etc. ) 

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Intestinal problems (ulcers, gastritis, acids and severity in the stomach, heartburn, pains, etc.)

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Positive effect on joint function,skin regeneration and regulates physiological processes

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Effect of radiant complexion, animated from within the skin and the proper functioning of blood vessels.

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Organic Acerola Dried Fruit Juice, record holder for vitamin C content

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It stimulates erections. Supports metabolism as the so-called blood cleansing herb. After hormonal disorders, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction.

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Not all dietary supplements are the same!


Our products were made for conscious and demanding people that look for the best quality sources with proven effects. They contain fish collagens which was retrieved on the basis of reliable knowledge, studies and scientific research. They comprise left-handed amino acids and are produced in France through the enzymatic hydrolysis process.

Amino acids are unusual compounds, without which the body loses vitality, weakens, ceases to absorb vitamins and minerals, becomes depressed, and consequently breaks easily, crumbles down and dries up like a sick tree. We all need collagen! 

In our research and development we look closely at market trends, constantly pursuing new ideas, producing innovative products and improving current assortment range, based on the latest scientific information, sports and medical tests. Our products have been tested in a highly qualified laboratory certified with accreditation of conformity assessment.

Collagen is the most nutritious protein found in the human body, it is present in all organs serving as a bonding substance of cells. With age, from the age of 25, collagen production decreases gradually and the process of collagen degeneration begins to take precedence over the process of collagen synthesis. Playback of collagen is almost completely stopped after the age of 60-70. Loss of collagen is most quickly noticed through the skin (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, lack of firmness), worsening health condition and loss of vitality. By maintaining a proper level of collagen in the body at the time of its decline, we can maintain youth and health and vitality. This is a very effective way to maintain strength, health and youth. However, its supplementing at a later age, allows for a significant improvement in health condition and, above all, recreation of its deficiencies in the body.

COLLAGEN AND DISEASES. Insufficient and too slow collagen biosynthesis in the human body gives rise to the aging process of soft tissues and bones. On the other hand, sufficient supplementation of collagen to the system from the outside has a huge impact on the delay in these processes, inhibiting the development and effects of the following diseases:

1) Skin problems - helping to firm and regenerate the skin by supporting it in natural processes, allows to fight wrinkles, loss of firmness, dryness, furrows, cellulite and stretch marks.

2) Women in the menopause - assistance during the menopause. Menopause in women causes that the enzyme decomposing collagen fibers works much more intensively - during the first 5 years of menopause the amount of collagen fibers in the skin decreases to 30-35% (on average the amount of collagen fibers decreases by 1. 5-2% annually)

3) Eye diseases - collagen in the human eye constitutes as much as 90% of all proteins. It fills the cornea of the eye and, together with vitamin C, has a protective function against diseases such as cataract or glaucoma

4) Osteoporosis - collagen is 90% of bones. Sufficient amount of collagen allows bones to bind such elements as phosphorus, magnesium or calcium.

5) Joint problems - collagen is the main building block of joint cartilage, which determines their resistance and strength, providing the joints with shock absorption and flexibility. Providing the right amount of collagen helps to protect the joints and avoid not only invasive but also painful and costly methods of injecting collagen into the joints.

6) Diabetes - degradation of collagen in the body during diabetes takes place as a result of glycation process, i. e. adhesion of sugar molecules to collagen fibres. This is the cause of disorders in the increased ailments in the musculoskeletal system and the functioning of connective tissue.

7) Sleep problems - marine collagen contains amino acids such as tyrosines, lysine and glycine to ensure that neurotransmitters work properly. They not only prevent fatigue, but also reduce stress levels and combat chronic insomnia.

8) Resistance of the body - there is a high correlation between the condition of the immune system and the condition of the connective tissue.

9) Circulation problems - collagen fibres are a part of the endothelium of venous vessels, therefore the abundance of collagen in their walls is a guarantee of maintaining proper functioning of the circulatory system and, among other things, avoiding unnecessary varicose veins.

These arguments support the need of collagen supplementation in order to maintain vitality, youth and health. It is also worth noting that collagen is exchanged relatively slowly in our organs, therefore regularity is very important.