Snails For Western Health Care From Antiquity To The Present

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Reflux, ulcers, stomach diseases

Snail Natural Syrup 100 ml

Are you struggling with gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, heartburn or abdominal pain? Perhaps your problem is visible scars, wounds and acne? Snail slime - Snail Natural Syrup Zarapharm is the solution to all these diseases.
Reflux, ulcers, stomach diseases

Snail Natural Syrup 200 ml

gastro intestinal problems (ulcers, gastritis, acids and severity in the stomach, heartburn, pains, etc. )  stomach)   assisting in the treatment of acne   smoothing wrinkles   stimulation of the immune system (antioxidant and energising effect)   reduction of ulcers, wounds, infections and scars   deacidification of the body   hair pigmentation (against...

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