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Supplementation of vitamins and minerals during fasting by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska is an increasingly discussed topic among supporters of fruit and vegetable fasting. The strict fasting phase is based 100% on a plant-based menu. As a result, we consume much larger amounts of vegetables and fruits, which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, than in traditional diets. It would seem, therefore, that we will consume sufficient amounts during it. Based on this assumption, it should be assumed that their additional supplementation is unnecessary.

We rarely realize that we may have vitamin and microelement deficiencies, because their deficiencies are not revealed in a specific way, they are also rarely tested, and even just testing the level of e.g. magnesium in the serum may not reflect its actual level in the body, because 95% of magnesium is found not in the serum, but in the cells, and therefore it is more reliable to test the magnesium content in, for example, erythrocytes, where it is found 3 times more than in the plasma.

Also other tests, such as the level of thyroid hormone TSH - do not inform us about the actual condition of the thyroid gland (and indirectly the iodine content in the body), because the conversion of the inactive hormone into the active form (T to T3) takes place mainly in peripheral tissues (not only in the thyroid gland). ), which is not reflected in the TSH level. Therefore, many people may have hypothyroidism without knowing it, because the tested level of thyroid hormones may be normal. In such cases, clinical symptoms such as lack of energy, low body temperature, feeling of cold or hair loss are decisive. The actual cause of these ailments may be a deficiency of iodine and selenium, which are necessary to convert thyroid hormone into its active form.

Due to this, the use of high-quality supplements enriching the diet with essential nutrients is becoming increasingly necessary.

Fasting supplementation by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska

DR Ewa Dąbrowska Vit B Complex Max 120 k

Vit. B Complex are compounds responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system. They relieve nervous tension, have a positive effect on our mood and intellectual performance.
Vitamin D3 + K2 Vegan is a dietary supplement recommended by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska. These capsules were created for people on a vegan and vegetarian diet.
Fasting supplementation by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska

DR Ewa Dąbrowska Zinc 120 k

Zinc strengthens the immune system and prevents infections, so it should be supplemented especially in the autumn and winter.
Fasting supplementation by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska

DR Ewa Dąbrowska Vitamin C Liposomal 120 k

An innovative, much better absorbable product that encloses the vitamin in a special cover, thanks to which the capsules are gentle on the stomach and do not cause irritation.

DR Ewa Dąbrowska Selen 60 k

It is a modern preparation in the form of capsules that has a wide impact on human health and condition. The appropriate level in the body ensures, among other things, well-being and protects the mucous membranes against damage.
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