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Made in Germany

PUREVEDA Ashwagandha by Dr. Michalzik is subject to rigorous examination by German supervisory authorities. It is produced using gentle production technologies, without heat and additives, and without the use of processing agents that do not need to be listed on the packaging.

No industrially produced silicic acid (silicon dioxide) flow support.
Biotikon does not contain silicon dioxide or silicic acid (SiO2
, known as E551) as a flow aid. The product testing foundation " Stiftung Warentest" states that they may contain nanoparticles. Silicic acid or silicon dioxide in dietary supplements has been discouraged. Bio Suisse has withdrawn approval of silica or silicon dioxide. Horsetail silica should not be confused with industrially produced silica.
No aluminum
A large number of dietary supplement suppliers use aluminum as a can sealant. During the welding process, the aluminum foil is strongly heated by a high-frequency electromagnetic field. We do not use this method on purpose!
No talc!
Release agent and talc lubricant that is used to make tablets or capsules may contain asbestos fibers. Biotikon completely refrains from using anti-adhesive agents and lubricants in the production of capsules.
Fresh products!
From the date of sale, all our products have a long shelf life. This is possible because we process it ourselves.

Food safety HACCP Biotikon products are manufactured in accordance with the HACCP concept
to ensure food safety.

Biotikon strives to make the wealth of experience of the healing systems of various civilized peoples available to today's people. These systems are characterized by a holistic approach to therapy. Examples include traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Ayurvedic healing system of India, and the healing methods of North, Central, and South American Indians.

The production of raw materials takes place within the framework of ecological balance. Ecosystems are to be protected and restructured

All products are in high packaging quality

  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Gentechnikfrei
  • Zuckerfrei
  • Laktosaphrei
  • Glutenfrei
  • Gelatine
  • Nicht bestrahlt
  • Enthält kein Magnesiumstearat
  • Weichmacherfrei

  • Advantages of purple glass

    Vorzüge von Violettglas
    • High degree of light inhibition compared to translucent amber, blue, green and clear glass
    • Protection of light-sensitive substances
    • It slows down degradation processes, thus helping to maintain the quality of ingredients
    • Transmittance to energy-rich ultraviolet and violet light.
    • Environmental protection: 100% recyclable (green glass container)
    • Quality Guarantee: The glass is colored throughout, not just covered with a superficial purple coating on the surface.
    The Frauenhofer Institute in Munich found that radiation in the photosensitive visible spectrum (450-720 nm) does not penetrate violet glass. Swiss biologist Dr. Hugo Niggli found that materials stored in purple glass containers retained significantly better storage quality, exhibited significantly more damped oscillations, and exhibited the lowest energy losses compared to materials stored in other containers.

Pure Qualität von Biotikon ®

Reinsubstanzen ohne Zusatz- und Füllstoffe in der Kapselfüllung
Glutenfrei, lactosefrei und gelatinefrei
Info zur Rückstandskontrolle: Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns
Verpackung aus Glas, recyclebar über den Braunglascontainer
Ohne Tierversuche
Wir liefern frische Ware

Reflux, ulcers, stomach diseases

Florabiom - prebiotic with fiber, powder 55 g

A wide range of effective enteric cultures with dietary fiber from acacia fiber and inulin, high activity of 5 billion CFU (colony forming units) per daily dose on the production side.
A comprehensive formula with chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, MSM and vitamin C, which contributes to the proper formation of collagen for the proper functioning of cartilage. For special care of cartilaginous joint structures with an optimal composition
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