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Marine Collagen Peptide 2100
Marine Collagen Peptide 2100

Marine Collagen Peptide 2100

Joint pain , dry skin or dry , brittle hair ? The remedy for the ailments described above is marine collagen Z arapharm PEPTIDE 2100 - a dietary supplement that regenerates internal physiological processes.

Fish collagen - due to the lower molecular weight (daltons) only 2 kDA and better bioavailability and bioavailability, it is often recommended as a supplement for those looking for a high-quality source of collagen

Collagen from cod fish (Gadus morhua), saithe (Pollachius virens), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), plaice (Pleuronectes)


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Molecular particle size only 2 kDa! For comparison, the collagen contained in jelly has 40 kDA.

When a collagen supplement is cut into particles of the order of 2000-3000 Daltons (or 2 kDa to 3 kDa), it can be absorbed through the walls of the small intestine without additional digestion and appears in the bloodstream in the form of di- and tri-peptides that motivate fibroblasts to increase mobility.

Lower molecular weight (lower Dalton number) means that collagen molecules are smaller, which may contribute to better assimilation and bioavailability of the supplement.

Zarapharm PEPTIDE 2100 Marine Collagen

Joint pain , dry skin or dry , brittle hair ? The remedy for the ailments described above is marine collagen Z arapharm PEPTIDE 2100 - a dietary supplement that regenerates internal physiological processes. Obtained from wild fish, the preparation contains as many as 18 amino acids with a positive effect on the human body. The effect of the supplement is enriched with vitamin C and wild rose extract present in the composition. Discover the health-promoting properties of the preparation available in our assortment!

Marine collagen Z arapharm - obtained from wild fish

Marine collagen Z arapharm is obtained from carefully selected fish skins, extracted in the process of enzymatic hydrolysis. The most commonly used species are shark, cod and tuna. COPALIS SEA SOLUTIONS ® COLLAGEN HM is composed of both exogenous and endogenous (left-handed) amino acids. These include, among others:






Sea fish collagen is one of the best collagens obtained from animals. The reason for this is the low molecular weight, which in the case of our preparation is only 2000 daltons. A smaller value translates into better absorption through the walls of the small intestine, without additional digestion. 

Properties of the supplement

What does marine collagen help with? The structure of our preparation is similar to human collagen - a building component of the skin, ligaments, connective tissue, and even bones and teeth. When discussing its properties, one cannot forget about the beneficial effect on tendons. Regular supplementation with drinking marine collagen helps to maintain the mobility and strength of cartilage tissue, while improving its regeneration.

The basic properties of the presented dietary supplement are :

Improving the work of joints

Improving the quality of the skin 

Skin firming and regeneration

Strengthening blood vessels and the immune system

Deacidification of the body

Positive effect on sleep and libido

Marine collagen for the skin

Does Collagen Help Your Skin? The answer to this question is clear - of course it is! The supplement available in our offer consists mainly of type I collagen, located mainly in the skin. The positive effect on the largest human organ is mainly due to the high content of proline, which renews the structure of collagen fibers.

Marine collagen firms and regenerates the skin, while preventing stretch marks and wrinkles. 

Marine collagen for joints

Is it worth taking collagen for joints? Regular supplementation is a solution to troublesome pain in these areas. Hydrolyzed collagen supports its natural production in the body, reducing inflammation in the joints and improving mobility in everyday functioning.

How to use marine collagen?

 Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 200 ml of water, consume once a day, at night. 

Marine collagen - opinions of doctors

Which collagen is best to buy? Doctors agree on this point. The best solution is the marine variant, due to the lower weight, better absorption and a number of health-promoting properties.


Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people taking medications or sick should consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking.

Store at room temperature, in a dry, dark place, out of reach of small children.

The product DOES NOT CONTAIN: fillers (e.g. modified starch, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose), coatings (e.g. methacrylic acid polyesters, polyvidone), binders (e.g. gelatin, acacia, zein), lubricants (e.g. magnesium stearate) ), disintegrants (e.g. organic acids, carbonates), adsorbents (e.g. bentonite, white clay), dyes (e.g. titanium white), sweeteners (sugar, xylitol, aspartame), aromas, plasticizers, waxes.


collagen from cod fish skins, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), rose hip extract, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide

Content in 1 sachet:

- HM collagen from cod fish skins: 1000 mg

- Vitamin C: 860 mg (1075% NRV)

- Rose hip extract: 200,000 mg (175% NRV)

RWS - reference intake value

The package contains 30 sachets.

Sachets 30 psc
Vitamina C
collagen from wild fish cod (Gadus morhua), saithe (Pollachius virens), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), plaice (Pleuronectes)
The packing is enough for:
30-60 dni w zależności od dawki.
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