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100% natural product
Supports the daily diet
Dietary supplement produced from fruit


Acerola, also known as the Barbados cherry, holds the record for vitamin C. One acerola fruit weighing 4.5 g has as much vitamin C as a kilogram of lemons. One small glass (180 ml) of acerola juice can contain as much vitamin C as 14 liters of orange juice.

Acerola 100% natural Vit.C. in powder (Packaging: 200 g) is used in the supplementation of vitamin C, which is not produced by the body. Recommended especially during periods of increased stress or physical activity in order to supplement vitamin C in the body. Natural vitamin C supplement is also used in the case of weak blood vessels manifested by difficult to heal wounds and excessive bleeding.

Usage: 2g. (flat teaspoon) mix daily with water or juice. Consume with a meal.