OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules
OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules
OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules
OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules

OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules

300 mg "OPC Premium-Traubenkern-Extrakt Dr. med. Michalzik“ pro Kapsel, mit mindestens 160 mg reinem OPC*



Currently advertised in leading magazines. Biotikon® is based in Germany and is therefore subject to strict controls.

Statements from various OPC suppliers, e.g. OPC 440 mg complex, give hope for 440 mg OPC, but apply to the entire contents of the capsule. There is usually only a small amount of OPC in it. However, bioavailability should be checked here. Information such as OPC grape seed extract (oligomeric procyanidins) 300 mg, OPC (95%) or OPC complex 200 mg is misleading because some OPCs contain little. When you hear grape seed extract with 95% OPC, you don't usually think of OPC. What is called the OPC complex? Is it pure or complex? Terms used here are misleading.

Almost all OPC providers are based abroad, even though they have a German homepage. Unfortunately, German authorities rarely or never inspect these providers because you don't have access to them.

Always have certificates of analysis with you and pay attention to the analysis method! OPC 160 Certificate of Analysis (click here and see OPC analysis)

German companies such as Biotikon® can be verified.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians!

OPC content can be measured by various methods. From our point of view, the safest method is the HPLC method. In particular, we use the RP-HPLC method test procedure (PV.03.P194_02) for OPC analyzes (click here to view), which is the most frequently used method for the analysis of high-quality plant substances.

For OPC according to Dr. High-quality Michalzik materials are processed in Germany under medical supervision.

OPC according to Dr. med. By avoiding any fillers (resulting in higher production costs) and using only natural substances, Michalzik contains an extremely high concentration of OPC (oligomeric procyanidins). Polyphenols (total 270 mg of polyphenols per capsule) are not the same as OPC! In addition to OPC, it also contains other important polyphenols (antioxidant substances), such as monomeric procyanidins.

In line with our company's philosophy, we leave our OPC in its natural, plant composition. Because OPC is fat and water soluble, it is easily absorbed by the body (high bioavailability). Bioavailability determines the concentration of a vital substance in the blood.

OPC according to Dr. med. Michalzik also contains vitamin C. This contributes to:

for the proper formation of collagen for the proper functioning of cartilage, bones, blood vessels, gums, teeth and skin

for the proper functioning of the nervous system and psyche

to protect cells against oxidative stress

to reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue

for proper energy metabolism

for the proper functioning of the immune system

OPC according to Dr. med. Michalzik is subject to strict supervision by German regulatory authorities. Produced using gentle production technologies without generating heat and without additives in the capsule filling and without processing aids, even those that do not have to be listed on the packaging. Without nanoparticles, as in microcrystalline cellulose.

No industrially produced silica (silicon dioxide) to prevent caking

Biotikon does not use silicon dioxide or silica (SiO2, as E551) as flow agents. Stiftung Warentest writes that they may contain nanoparticles. The use of silica or silicon dioxide in dietary supplements is discouraged. Bio Suisse has stopped approving silica or silicon dioxide. Horsetail silica should not be confused with industrially produced silica.

No aluminum!

Many dietary supplement suppliers use aluminum to seal cans. In so-called induction welding, the aluminum foil is heated very strongly by a high-frequency electromagnetic field. We do not consciously use this procedure!

No talc!

Talc release and lubricant used in the production of tablets and capsules may contain asbestos fibers. Biotikon completely avoids the use of release agents and lubricants in the production of capsules.

Fresh goods!

All our products have a long shelf life on the day of sale. We make this possible thanks to our own production.

HACCP food safety

Biotikon products are manufactured in accordance with legal requirements, in accordance with the HACCP concept to ensure food safety.

Daily recommendation:

1 - 2 capsules after a meal.

Package contents: 72 OPC capsules, each capsule contains 300 mg of grape seed extract.

Store in a cool, dry place and protect from light.

Ingredients according to daily recommendation,

1 capsule:

Vitis vinifera extract 300 mg

Total polyphenol content

(secondary plant substances) 270 mg

OPC*160 mg

pure vitamin C**50 mg

* measured directly in grape seed extract (according to the test specification of the RP-HPLC method PV.03.P194_02). OPCs are proanthocyanidins. Monomeric proanthocyanidins are not considered OPCs. Test specifications can be found at www.opc-traubenkernrechner.de

** Corresponds to 62% of the reference amount (NRV) of daily intake according to the LMIV

If you have any questions, please call us on +49 (0) 6201 878380. Your Dr. med. Aleksander Michalzik.

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OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules
OPC - natural antioxidant, 72 capsules

OPC - Natural Antioxidant, 72 Capsules

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