Urofasti - prostate, kidneys, gout, urolithiasis
Urofasti - prostate, kidneys, gout, urolithiasis
Urofasti - prostate, kidneys, gout, urolithiasis
Urofasti - prostate, kidneys, gout, urolithiasis

Urofasti - prostate, kidneys, gout, urolithiasis

It supports the treatment of ailments such as urinary incontinence , difficulty in urinating, urge and nocturia due to prostate adenoma, susceptibility to inflammation of the prostate gland and bladder, gout, kidney stones, slimming.


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Ingredients known for millennia in natural medicine are again in the spotlight.

Get to know our original Urofasti recipe and free yourself from diseases, fatigue and low libido.

Tribulus terrestris and feathers, which are part of it, are distinguished by strong properties that strengthen the body, activate the immune system in the production of antibodies

Wash the right one - action and indications for use

What does couch grass help with? The plant is most widely used in the treatment of metabolic diseases. For this reason, it is recommended for rheumatic disease , acne and gout . Due to the high content of fructose derivatives, couch grass is used by diabetics as a dietary supplement. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections. Thanks to its diuretic properties, the plant complements the treatment of kidney stones by increasing the amount of urination.

Perz proper for slimming

Couch grass is one of the most effective agents supporting weight reduction. The plant accelerates the work of metabolism, increasing the effectiveness of a slimming diet. The couch grass rhizome increases its volume in the digestive system, thus affecting the overall functioning of the intestines.

Tribulus terrestris - a wide spectrum of activity

The key ingredient of our supplement is Tribulus terrestris, which is a plant species of the Parolistaceae family. Its original origin is Africa, Asia, Australia, as well as large areas of central and southern Europe. One of the more absorbable forms of the plant is syrup, available in our store's offer.

Terrestrial Tribulus is full of compounds such as polyphenols, indoles and saponins. The last of the substances mentioned above combines with cholesterol in the blood to form compounds that mimic testosterone.

The action of the terrestrial mace is primarily a strong strengthening of the entire body. The effect of this is general stimulation and increased motivation to perform everyday activities. Urofasti available in our offer is recommended to athletes due to the increase in the level of anabolic hormones.

Tribulus terrestris supports the work of the liver and kidneys, supports the treatment of urination disorders and inflammation of the prostate gland. Regular supplementation evens out

blood pressure and hormonal balance

stimulation of fat burning

improving the body's efficiency

fatigue reduction

accelerated regeneration

Terrestrial mace for potency

"Erectile dysfunction treatment" is one of the most common phrases entered into the search engine by men. The basis of therapy is a visit to the doctor and the use of prescribed medications. Effective treatment support is supplementation with Tribulus terrestris, which is part of our Uroafasti preparation.

Tribulus increases the level of total and free testosterone - the hormone responsible for libido and the quality of sex life. It also has a beneficial effect on spermatogenesis and sperm quality due to the released nitric oxide.

Terrestrial Tribulus - polyphenols and saponins

One of the components of Tribulus Terrestris are polyphenols. Organic chemical compounds have an intense antioxidant effect, neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. Polyphenols also delay the aging process and effectively reduce oxidative stress.

Saponins, in turn, increase digestive juices in the stomach, bile and the so-called. intestinal juice. A greater amount of protective mucus leads to improved removal of toxins from the body.

Urofasti - how to use?

10 ml of the supplement 2 times a day. The preparation is recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach, about 20 minutes before the planned meal. How long to use Tribulus Terrestris? Cyclical supplementation of 8 to 12 weeks is recommended, after which an 8-week break should be taken.

Urofasti reviews

Opinions of doctors and consumers about Urofasti are consistent. Regular supplementation effectively strengthens the body, improving libido, hormonal balance and blood pressure in the body.

syrup 200 ml
The source:
Elimus repens, Tribulus terrestris L.
Packaging is sufficient to:
30-60 dni w zależności od dawki.
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